About Us

Roohaniyat is a brand reimagined for the Indian woman, with the design principle that fashion is for everyone, that being fashionable should not be expensive, and that it should not harm the environment. Roohaniyat's signature designs and vibrant patterns are an expression of absolute joy for today's self-assured, independent women. Their lighter fabrics, handmade, hand-dyed, hand-printed cotton ready-to-wear clothes stay true to Roohaniyat signature style, with whites, subtle hues, and colourful palettes adorned with ethnic and contemporary cuts, quirky embellishments.

Our collections are a mix of day-to-day casuals, festive wear, and formal styles that will add just the right amount of glitz to your wardrobe. Pratiksha Akar founded the Jaipur-based label ROOHANIYAT. She created a collection based on Rajasthani culture by adding colourful and festive designs to the label. Every month, a limited collection design is released on the website, which quickly sells out.